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Building Steel Garages for Necessary Storage

Storage is very essential part of every house. There are a lot of things that need to be kept and stored in a good place. Steel garages make a perfect storage for several reasons. First, steel is a very durable material. By durable, it means that it does not wear out easily. It is also less prone to damage such as insect infestation or rusting. Second, steel is very easy to maintain. In fact, you almost do not need any maintenance at all except for the occasional coating with paint. Once the structure has been created, you can leave it as it is for several years. Third, steel is fairly cheap. You do not have to cost a lot to purchase the steel garages and you also do not have to pay extra for the maintenance. It is perfect for families who are tight on budget. Fourth, they come in different dimensions. You can choose a size that will fit your needs. If you are going to put some vehicles inside the storage garage, you need to buy the biggest one. If you are just going to store smaller things, you can purchase the one with the smallest dimension.
Aside from being durable and cheap, steel garages are also popular for their designs. These garages will fit any house because you can choose your preference. In fact, you can even ask the manufacturer to do a customized one for you as long as you say the request beforehand. Customization may require you to pay extra fee so you need to be prepared. You should also be patient because if the design is customized, the manufacturer may take some time before they can perfect the design you requested for. These days, garages are becoming popular not only for storage but also for extra rooms. Not all houses are big enough to accommodate large number of guests. If you always have friends coming over, you can build a room just for them using the steel garage. They are very versatile such that they can be used as playrooms, as storage rooms and as relaxation rooms. 
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You Should See the Grand Pineapple Finial by Apex

When talking about improving the appearance of your house, it always best to consider what decorations and ornaments should be included to highlight the beauty of your yard or the interior of your home. You need to have an image of your home as a whole and you also need to pay attention to details. In many cases, small details are keys to making the house look more extravagant. One example of this is the use of grand pineapple finial. Apex is of the most popular finial production company. They specialize in home improvement and help people achieve the dream design they have always wanted. Grand pineapple finials by Apex are great because they are very stylish. Another great thing about them is that they are made of plastic. This means that they do not disintegrate and they also do not rot. They are very durable and they will surely last for a long time. Because of the material they are made of, you will never have to worry about the rain, the moisture or the insects that may cause damage. These factors cannot harm plastics. They come in different designs and color. They will bring style to every home without the expensive tag.
Pineapple finials have been used for years because they embody hospitality. If you have them in your deck or your fence, your guests will automatically feel welcomed by the elegance that these finials exude. They are made from different materials so you have the freedom to select which one you think will be best for your home. Plastic ones are great because they last for a very long time. Wooden ones are also a good choice because the simplicity makes them stand out. You can also purchase metal ones if you want to have a different kind of effect when the sun is up. With finials, you will never go wrong. Different styles and colors will give you the liberty to choose those which will complement your house’s current design. It is also very easy to find ones that will match the theme of your garden or interior. What are you waiting for? Start using finials to improve your home. 
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Grosse Messer Sword the Weapon that Protected People from thieves During Medieval Times

The heavy Gross Messer Sword was the weapon used by people to protect their houses and properties from thieves and other people of ill fame. Since it was used for an important function it was made sharp enough to immobilize a man with just one blow. It was called the big knife during the days when it was in use.

The replica available these days also made on the same lines and its blade is made out of carbon steel. Even the replica is very sharp and you need to take care when you handle it. However, you could leave it in the scabbard provided with it. Big knife also is a good item for a collector.

The present day replica has a handle made out of rosewood. The scabbard also is made out of wood and covered with leather. Therefore, it could be kept along with your collection of medieval swords in a display cabinet in case you are a collector of such items. This weapon used by both noblemen and peasants during the medieval times could be bought in some of the online stores these days.

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Effectiveness of running

Running is a cardiovascular workout that gets your heart rate up and is one of the healthiest things in the world. The main muscles running targets is your leg muscles. Some people choose to run with weights to gain upper body muscle while running. Other people run with ankle weights to help build muscle faster but do you really need to run in order to put on massive muscle mass? With the right Beachbody workout program you can take your workout routines to the next level.Sadly even though running is one of the healthiest things for your body it won’t create muscle mass. In other words don’t spend all day running and expect to get ripped. Even though running can help gain that fit look, because you will lose extra fat around your muscles, stick to the weights and not the track. Even though you shouldn’t devote entire workouts to running you can never forget running in general. Running can be implemented in tons of workouts. The best way to utilize running in your workouts is in the warm up. Run a little ways and do some pushups and pull ups in between running to get loose. Never forget running. Treat yourself to firm glutes with Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Organic Raised Garden Beds Are Great For City Dwellers

The only problem when you live in the city is the small space allotted for the residents. Sometimes the population is really dense that is why there are a few houses with huge backyards in the cities. You cannot blame them if they cannot plant a lot of trees to save themselves from environmental pollution. However, there are still ways by which they can have a nice garden without having a large land. There are beautiful raised garden beds that a lot of people use today. This is a very good idea especially for city dwellers because it will not need a lot of space. You can hang it on almost any facility that you have. It is also good to use it as a plant box and put it in the window pane. As a matter of fact, you can grow your own vegetable plant with these materials so long as you have enough time to maintain it and grow. Remember to put the beds in a strategic place where they can receive enough sunlight and water on it will freely flow whenever there are excess.

Organic raised garden beds are also a hit nowadays. People use this so that they can plant more. It is also a space saver so a lot of city dwellers avail them. They can now enjoy a green environment even without them owning a large chunk of land to plant on. It is very beneficial for them because they do not have to maintain organic raised beds a lot. Unlike a typical backyard where you have to put fertilizers, you can just remove the weeds and water it a lot. You do not have to do all of this with these products. Plus, these materials are capable of growing organic products on them. These are for the health conscious people out there. They will no longer have to go to the nearest supermarkets to avail less toxic food. This will provide households not just an ample place to plant but also products that is good for the health. Just always check that all the seedlings that you put on it have no other species on it that are considered not organic.

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Customizable Roulette Table

If you love playing roulette then what could be better than
having your very own roulette table in your home? What’s even better than that
is having your own customized roulette table. The Deluxe Casino Roulette Table
brings the fun and excitement of the game home with you and has multiple visual
options. This table measures at 96 inches long by 46 inches wide and sits 30
inches off the ground. It features a unique felt only used on this line of
tables, stainless steel cup holders, a built in money slot and a removable

The customization options are what really make this table
spectacular. It is constructed from Red Oak wood and has five available
finishes including ebony, cherry and mahogany. The vinyl armrest also has seven
options in its color including wine, gold and cinnamon. The best customizable
feature by far would have to be the layout options. There are ten available
styles for the layout including solid colors like blue green or black, a
gradient style layout available in green or burgundy, or any of four custom
layouts. One of which is a sunburst style look, or a black and gold dark jungle
type theme. If you want a table that is really going to stand out and demand
attention, this is the table for you.

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Plastic Post Caps and Finials for your Home’s Look

Plastic post caps and finials has good quality and will not deteriorate and rust. It is also inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install. It is perfect as replacement for broken, deteriorating or old post caps and finials. You don’t need to paint or stain plastic post caps and finials because it you can already buy it in any color that you want. It has no metal parts which may cause molds and rust so it is in fact maintenance free. Plastic post caps and finials can be use not just in plastic structures but also in vinyl or wood structures.  Although plastic, it gives your home an elegant and sophisticated look without looking cheap and boring. There are many designs, shapes, sizes and color available for post caps and finials which make it perfect in any structure such as fence, deck, stair posts, bed posts, lamp posts or curtain rods.

Post caps and finials are one way to give life to your outdoor structures and even indoor decors. It is excellent in providing finishing touch to entrance posts, fences, in your deck, lanai, porch and other parts of the house. Indoors, it can be use as accent to bed posts, lamp posts, end of curtain rods, stairway posts, etc. Aside from plastics, post caps and finials are also available in wood, metal and copper. Each materials have their own pros and cons but plastic post caps and finials are the cheapest. Doing a little research about post caps and finials will help you decide which is a good buy for your particular structure or post. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each is important in planning and deciding stage. Another points to consider is the design of your house and your personality. Choose the best post caps and finials that will embellish the look of your house and will reflect your personality at the same time.

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Planning for the Mediterranean Diet Plan and Other Diet Options

Choosing a diet is the first step to getting on track with a new healthy lifestyle, but once you know what diet you’ll be following, you must then take steps to incorporate it into your life. For example, following the Mediterranean diet plan may be somewhat difficult for some people, because it involves eating a lot of fish and eating several meals throughout the day. However, there are options that include meal delivery. You simply purchase the meals you need, and they’re delivered to your house at a time that’s convenient for you.

There are other diets that include meal delivery. A Medifast diet review reveals that this diet is available in several types, including a diabetic plan, and that it includes meals that are delivered right to the home. While these meal delivery services can be expensive, keep in mind that there are coupons available that make them more affordable. Moreover, think about the value of the service. There’s no counting calories, no weighing out foods to make sure your portions are correct, no shopping for food, no preparing of the food and no cleaning up afterward. You can see why this would be a convenient option that would make it more likely for people to stick with the diet in the long run.

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Elaborately Designed Plastic Playing Cards

If you can’t stand dirty, dented cards that don’t last more than a game then you need to throw away those old paper playing cards and get with the times. Plastic playing cards are the new thing and if you are really looking for a quality deck of cards then you need to check out some of Copags great designs. Copag has been around for a while and they are a pretty well known brand that manufactures 100% PVC plastic cards that will last a 100 times longer than the average deck of playing cards. You know when you buy your Copag cards you are getting a high grade deck of plastic playing cards that won’t wear and tear on you.

Copag has many extravagant designs and even some simple ones but if you want something a little more elegant then Copags 1546 design in black and gold is just what you are looking for. The design on these cards is elaborate and looks great in both black and gold the colors also add to these cards sophisticated look. Also this particular deck of cards comes in poker size so the width is a bit bigger than bridge size cards. And the index is standard so all the letters and numbers printed on the cards are regular sized. These cards will be great for any kind of card game you want to play.

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Less Cardio Equals More Muscle Mass Gain

When setting up your muscle mass gain program it is important to determine the appropriate amount of cardio to put into it. While it is a myth that cardio at all decreases muscle mass and should therefore be avoided, it is all too true that intensive cardio can indeed decrease your muscle mass. Low intensity cardio should be a part of any workout routine, but in order to gain muscle mass should limit cardio to light to medium intensity and keep the time to a minimum. It’s importante to build and tone muscle mass, but not get fat, which you can do with a Low Calorie – High Protein Meal Replacement Shake.

Jogging and cycling are great forms of low to medium intensity cardio that could be added to a proper muscle gain program. These should be done for up to 30 minutes three times a week in order to assist in burning fat while sparing muscle. Try to avoid high-intensity cardio such as prolonged running and intense aerobic workouts that would burn muscle mass along with fat and calories. Remember to have cardio in your regime but to keep it low to medium in short doses.

That’s why the proper workout & exercise equipment is so important.

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Take Advantage of Your Wireless Internet and Earn Some Money on the Side

If you have trouble making ends meet or would simply like to earn a little extra cash for a special purchase or vacation, consider the ways you can make money online using your wireless internet connection. For example, there are several sites that pair up workers with businesses who need simple tasks done. This might be something as simple as tagging photos or it might be as involved as working out complex math problems. You can pick and choose the assignments you want and typically can be paid weekly. Your wireless connection will allow you to do these jobs wherever you are and whenever it’s convenient for you.

Another option is to sell products or services. Perhaps you have a lot of old books lying around or you’re an expert photographer. Local message boards allow you to advertise your items or services for sale and let people who need them find you easily. However, in many cases they’ll contact several people and will choose the one who answers first. In this case, WiFi services will ensure that you get their messages and requests as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to earn some extra cash simply because you didn’t get the email until several hours later.

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Wooden Raised Garden Beds Are Great In Any Space

Raised Garden Beds are wonderful for the novice gardener as well as the expert. They are great at providing gardening space for those people that otherwise might not find the space to plant a garden. Of course, I am referring to condo and apartment dwellers. Clearly these people are going to have space limitations, and a raised bed kit will give them space for soil. All it takes is the desire to get started, and a person will be on their way to growing their own food.

Wooden Raised Beds
are especially nice not only because of their look, but also because of their durability. Good, solid wood will last a long time, and provides a quality, natural structure in which to grow vegetables and spices. Of course, some folks will want to grow flowers in their raised bed, and that will work too. When deciding on the raised bed you want to go with, make sure you think about the type of wood you want. Treated wood will have chemicals in it that can make it into your food. Untreated, obviously, does not have any chemicals.

The space saving feature of raised beds can vary. Some are 1 flat level, while others are stepped. These multi-level raised beds are good at providing natural barriers between the plants. This way, your tomatoes and basil or mint won’t get their roots entangled. If you struggle with back problems, some raised garden beds sit up on legs, and provide a great ergonomic way to plant a garden. It is all about finding the type of kit that will work best for you.

Gardening is fun, and people should not be limited by space. Raised garden beds provide an easy way to start a garden without needing to own a large tract of land.

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How Can Internet Service Providers in My Area Keep Me Entertained?

Have you ever wondered, “How can internet service providers in my area keep me entertained?? The truth is that there are dozens of ways that you can keep from being bored. One option is streaming media. You can stop by YouTube for short clips of the best of the best. If you’re looking for full television shows, Hulu can help. There are several sites that stream movies for free but if you want access to the most options, an inexpensive Netflix account might be the best choice. Any of these options allow you to watch all or part of a show that will keep you entertained.

Of course there are other ways to stay entertained. For example, there are many ways to enjoy music online. If you have a high speed provider like Verizon wireless, you can visit a site like Pandora or LastFm and stream music for free. If you find something you like, both sites will let you purchase that song with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some sites offer live streaming of concerts and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter actually let you interact with your favorite musicians. Now you can watch or listen to what you want, when you want.

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There Is More Than One Diabetic Diet Plan

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may also have been advised by your doctor to lose weight. This is because weight loss can dramatically improve your condition, even if you only lose a few pounds per year. One of the best ways to lose weight if you are a diabetic is to go on a diabetic diet plan. Plans like these help to regulate your blood sugar so that you experience fewer sugar spikes during the day. As well, a plan such as this one will ensure that your body receives the nutrition it needs.

Plans for diabetics include the Glycemic Impact and Medifast diet. Medifast offers convenience as well as diabetes maintenance with pre-prepared meals that can be delivered to the home. Eating meals of this type ensure you’re always eating the right foods for your condition. In addition, Medifast meals are prepared with fewer carbohydrates, which means that your body will have to resort to consuming stored fat for energy. The process is known as ketosis, which is completely safe and natural, and will result in measurable weight loss for you. When considering which plan is best for you, understand that some exercise will be suggested, which may not be something that’s right for you. Consulting with your physician before beginning any diet or exercise plan is a good idea.

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Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for High Speed Internet

If you have several high speed internet providers in your area then you will have to consider a few important factors to find the best. First, think about the long term cost. It can be tempting to consider only how much it will cost you in the short run, especially when specials are constantly being run to give you cash back or free equipment. However, if those promotions are for companies who will then charge you significantly more than other companies will, it might not be the best value in the long run. Any time you’re looking at promotions, take a moment to figure out how much it will cost over the course of a year.

Next, consider all types of ISP services. Many people think they know what services are offered in their area or which one offers the best value. But the truth is that new providers are constantly popping up and new promotions are changing the field and making certain companies more affordable than you might imagine. Use a comparison site that offers up to date details on the various promotions in order to find the company that will best meet your needs – now and in the future.

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Who are Among the Best Internet Service Providers in My Area?

“Who are the best internet service providers in my area?? This is a question nearly everyone finds themselves asking at least once in their lifetime. Even those who consider themselves to be computer gurus or technology-savvy struggle with choosing an ISP because there’s just a lot of decisions to make that can be rather confusing. This is especially true if you are calling providers to learn about their packages, taking notes and then trying to compare them off what you have been told by pushy sales people. How do you even know what questions you should be asking and which answers are worth comparing? It’s just all so incredibly confusing!

Fortunately, you can shop for dsl providers by zip code online. This allows you to easily compare everything that they are offering from service speeds to pricing to special sign up promotions. For example, if you have At&t and Verizon in your area, you will discover the Verizon Fastest plan comes with a new wireless modem for $39.99 per month however, new customers who sign up online with At&t can get their Elite DSL package with a free modem for only $19.95 per month. You will also learn that At&t Express DSL is only $14.95 for speeds up to 1.5 Mbps!

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Live Sound Systems Cause Pitch Voice

Singers are notorious for pitchy voice problems in any environment, but those problems become much worse when singing with live sound reinforced systems. First, singing on pitch is a problem for all vocalists and few good enough to sing well in a variety of acoustic settings. However, the process of amplification for live events adds an array of complex problems. The first problem is that most live systems have a series of amplification points. There is the first mic pre, if needed, then the gain and volume on the mic line. Individual speakers may be powered directly, or driven from an separate amplifier.

The basic implication is that each of the amplification stages adds some level of distortion or coloration to the tone of the singer. Next, the singer will often be hearing themselves on a set of speakers called monitors. Imagine standing on stage with big speakers for the audience pointing outwards, smaller monitor speakers on stage, and hearing a mixture of all of these sounds. The result may not sound anything like what a singer is accustomed to hearing. In fact they may not even recognize their own voice. Immediately, pitchy singing happens because the singer is adapting and adjusting to a problematic hearing environment. Even after becoming somewhat acclimated, pitchy voice may continue throughout a performance because of the audio engineer mixing and balancing instruments.

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Outdoor Lighting Makes for Beautiful Decor

Choosing outdoor décor is one of the most fun parts about spring and summer! There are so many different ways to decorate the entertaining areas on the outside of your home that it may be difficult to choose one theme! That’s okay – you can create a look that’s truly unique with a blend of garden statues, arbors, benches and other accents that create an inviting and interesting place for your guests to enjoy.

Outdoor lighting is not only essential to keep guests and family safe at your house after dark, it’s also a great way to showcase some creativity and create a beautiful setting when the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting is available in solar and flame-powered varieties so you don’t have to be concerned with your lighting increasing your energy bills. Choose from candle-holding lanterns to solar-powered deck caps or create a blend of the two for a combination of traditional and modern. Outdoor lighting will make sure your entertaining events are beautifully illuminated all summer long, so take this opportunity to create a unique lighting experience in your own backyard.

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Hotel Utility Luggage Cart is the place to find all of the Bellman utility carts available today. Along with the best price guarantee, free shipping is included which makes dealing with us, a really great opportunity for any business. The bottom line is always important for every company. helps balance and profits that bottom line. Plus, no sales tax is charged on the Bellman carts sold on the website, unless the purchase is made in New Jersey, sorry, but it is the law.

Another plus for making the place to come for all of your moving needs, including the many models of Bellman luggage carts, there is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee
for purchases. Quality merchandise, excellent selection, free shipping, best price guarantee, no sales tax, fast delivery, and a friendly well trained staff to assist our clients. Ordering from is a win, win, win! Has the decision been made on which carts are the ones needed to take your business to a higher level of customer assistance? Now, pick up the phone and call. We are ready to help today and always!

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Atkins Diet Plan Gives You More Energy

You may have heard of the Atkins Diet Plan but are not sure what exactly it entails or if it is even a weight loss program you may want to consider for yourself.  The Atkins diet works with you eating the proper foods so your metabolism improves, especially when it comes to fat.  Consisting of foods primarily composed of fiber and protein, your body will produce less insulin and you will stabilize your energy and blood sugar levels.  By managing your intake of carbohydrates, your body will burn excess fat and you will be on your way to maintaining a healthy, stable weight.

Maybe the Atkins Diet Plan doesn’t sound like the right program for you.  Not every diet is right for every person, especially when it comes to the types of food and methods of preparation involved.  If introducing a new health regimen into your life seems discouraging, reap the benefits of online dieting profiles and critical reviews that will ease your mind.  These services will not only make understanding the best diet programs easier, they will also save you money by offering coupon codes and discounts.  Now you can adopt healthy habits without breaking the bank.

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Falcata sword can be sharpened for further use

Now we have guns, tanks, missiles, crude bombs, atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs to fight wars but in medieval world people use to fight their wars with manmade and hand held weapons. Along with bows and arrows, there was alarming awareness in use of different type of swords. If you see some of the Falcata sword, you will understand why it was termed to be the most dangerous type of sword in pre-Roman Iberian Peninsula. With the typical shape of pitched blade towards point with concave edge on the lower part and convex edge on top, this sword was enough to provide a forceful momentum of axe impact. This sword often has a hilt that is hook shaped and often stylized or decorated as per demand.

To have replica of this weapon in your medieval swords collection you need to be residing in any other part of world except Canada where it cannot be shipped. The replica of this sword is manufactured in High carbon steel having brass handle and includes the designer scabbard. You will have to make reservations on your wall to place this sword because with overall length of 25 inches, which consists of 20 inches of blade with 2lbs of weight, you really need to have large space. This is a fully functional item, which can be sharpened for maximum flawless debenture.

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Which Internet Service Providers in My Area Should I Select

Is it not surprising at how much choice is out there in the world of ISPs? “What internet service providers in my area should I select?? is a common refrain oh so many will make these days. While the actual decision people make will be based solely on their own needs and requirements, it is safe to say you cannot go wrong with AT&T. As such, this is a provider worth giving serious consideration to. Without a doubt, the grand selling point of AT&T internet is that it offers tremendous high quality service at a very low affordable price. As far as DSL service goes, AT&T is truly head and shoulders above its competitors in this regard.

Another tremendous benefit to ATT Internet Service is that it provides a great many bundled packages. Those that wish to combine their internet service with digital phone or cable television can do so with AT&T. Best of all, they can do so and acquire the best possible service available within the industry and at a very fair price. Such an amazing combination would be very difficult to top even in a competitive market which is why AT&T remains such a well regarded internet service provider.

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Make Your Life Much Easier — Thanks to Your Local Wireless Internet Service Providers

Surfing the web has taken on a whole new meaning since the advent of wireless internet! It has opened up a whole new world to us. Now we are able to establish an internet connection from almost anywhere — our home, the library, the local Starbucks — even the airport. What that means is that we have the ability to access the internet no matter where we might be. We are able to do our business and e-trading, chat with our family and friends, and enjoy all the other marvelous pleasures the internet has to offer at any time we choose. But this would all be meaningless without the right wireless internet service providers.

If you’re interested in exploring your options further, you will find a wealth of information available to you online.  There are many sites that compare different packages.  These include service plans and pricing information. Because the wireless internet service providers are in competition with many different internet providers, you will also find the price of broadband service is fairly low these days — well within most families’ budget limitations. In fact, it is often less expensive than some of the premium-priced dial-up connections. You would be wise to compare the prices and options offered in your own geographic location before signing any contracts.

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The Snap and Grow 8×12 Green Greenhouse is a Great Portable Greenhouse

The Snap & Grow 8’ x 12’ – Green Greenhouse is a massive greenhouse that growers of all levels and experience will enjoy. With 8.5 feet of headroom, you’ll have plenty of room to grow tall plants, and move about the inside of your greenhouse with ease. The aluminum frame is sturdy enough to resist tough winds and other weather, and the polycarbonate panels are easy to install and virtually unbreakable. The easy to install, “snap and grow? assembly requires minimal efforts and few tools so you’ll be gardening in no time.

Portable greenhouses are great for those who live in varying climates, or those who want the option to move their greenhouse around. If you live in a varying climate, you’ll be able to move your greenhouse around with ease, so all of your plants get the right amount of protection, ventilation, and sunlight. Portable greenhouses are usually smaller than their more permanent counterparts, so you can move them to different spots in your garden, to protect different plants already placed in the ground. Take your greenhouse to your plants with a
portable greenhouse.

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Oregon Romantic Weekend Getaways for Your Honeymoon

Weekend getaways in Oregon are one of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest.  The state of Oregon has perhaps more things to offer for weekend getaways than any other state in the country.  Within a few hours drive you can enjoy high desert excursions, hiking in alpine wilderness, canoeing down a pristine valley, surfing on the coast, or high octane music in the city. 

Oregon is also one of the best places on the planet for romantic honeymoon getaways.  While the entire state has something to offer, the biggest concentration of honeymoon getaway accommodations are either in Portland or on the Oregon coast.  In Portland, the Heathman and Benson hotels offer extraordinary luxury accommodations.  While not as plush, the Marriot is another great consideration because of the proximity to Waterfront Park and the new night life scene on the south end of the park.  The Oregon coast offers excellent lodging and dining in virtually every city starting with the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, or the Hallmark Inn in Cannon Beach, the affordable Wheeler on the Bay Lodge, or Whale Cove Inn in Depot Bay. 


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